Condition Surveys:

A Condition Survey is a report describing the condition of a property including the structural elements, building fabric, fixtures and fittings on a specific date. The condition survey is usually prepared in detail and supported by means of photographs and sketches such that any subsequent deterioration at a later date can be easily assessed. Condition Surveys are normally prepared on properties adjoining/adjacent to construction sites or prior to a leasee entering into a building lease. Condition Survey prepared by Con O’Regan Associates Ltd are prepared by our experienced Structural Engineers or Building Surveyors. Comprehensive reports are supplemented by detailed sketches and annotated photographs. Reports can be furnished in paper or digital format.

Structural Surveys

A Structural Survey is a thorough visual internal and external survey of a property to determine its condition. A structural inspection is normally conducted prior to a property being purchased. The structural inspection is a report prepared on behalf of the purchaser which assesses the condition of the property and identifies any building structure or fabric defects or compliance issues or essential maintenance work that may be required on the property. A Structural Survey prepared by Con O’Regan Associates Ltd will be carried out by our experienced Structural Engineer or Building Surveyor experienced in the inspection of a wide variety of properties. The structural survey report describes the condition of each section of the building and outlines the remedial or refurbishment works required to address the deficiencies observed during the visual inspections.

Snagging Inspections/Snag Lists

Snagging inspections and associated reports are carried out on new homes, apartments, commercial and retail units prior to handover by the building contractor to prospective purchasers. The snagging inspection concentrates on identifying elements of the building work which are incomplete, non-compliant with the Building Regulations or defective works which do not accord with the terms of the Contract. The snagging inspection will involve a visual inspection of all aspects of the building available for inspection or capable of being inspected at the time of the requested inspection. Typically the snagging inspection will encompass the roof, attic area, internal rooms and surfaces, external elevations, windows, doors, kitchen units, sanitary ware, gardens, boundaries, walls, pavements and overall compliance with the Building Regulations.

A follow up inspection may be required if the original work is of a poor standard or at the purchasers request.

Land & Boundary Surveys

Measured surveys of existing properties and land are undertaken for comparison with Land Registry Folio Plans. Surveys can be undertaken at short notice and are undertaken using total station electronic distance measurement and prepared in Autocad typically showing surface features such as contours, boundaries, roads, drainage, buildings.
Setting out services can be provided on request. This may involve setting out boundaries, roads buildings and industrial units.

Dilapidation Surveys

A schedule of dilapidations is a list of defects usually prepared at the end of a building lease agreement and in connection with the conclusion of the lease agreement. The schedule of dilapidations is prepared in accordance with the terms of the lease and is usually contrasted with the Condition Survey prepared on commencing the lease. The dilapidation survey is normally accompanied by a cost estimate to effect the essential repairs required under the lease agreement. Dilapidation Surveys prepared by Con O’Regan Associates Ltd are produced by our experienced Building Surveyors and can be issued in either digital or paper format.




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